Healthcare Workers make the world a better place

The IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1888 and its first Canadian Local Lodge, Local Lodge 103 was formed in 1890 in Stratford, Ontario.

We represent more than 40,000 Canadian workers in air transport and a wide range of manufacturing including aircraft, auto parts, autobuses, aerospace, electronics, light and heavy machinery, tools and appliances. We are the largest airport security screeners union in Canada. The IAM also represents a growing number of workers in the health care and hospitality sectors as well as office, technical and other white-collar workers. The total North American membership is 600,000.

We Represent Hundreds of Workers in the Health Care and Hospitality Sectors

Being an IAM member means:

  • Receiving annual wage increases
  • Lower cost benefits
  • A pension plan
  • A real say in working conditions

See what having a progressive union represent you might look like.